Now and Then…

As stated in my previous post, I plan to get in to some great information for medical professionals, their significant others, and families.

But how about a little background first 😉

My DH and I met in college. A small college in Holland, Michigan. I had no plans to meet a husband at Hope College…I wanted to have fun, study hard, and meet a network of great people.  And I did. 

My junior year and his sophomore year we met at a party…ahem, I mean the library studying ;).  We went on dating that year and the following year after. 

Most of my senior year (while I was coasting through my business classes) we spent hours and hours preparing him for the MCAT. While his nose was in a book learning as much as he could about the dreaded MCAT test, I read and re-read cover letters, application questions and organized packets of information to send to prospective medical schools. 

We racked our brains trying to come up with great answers to difficult and sometimes unanswerable, stupid questions. He needed to not only be smart, but funny, and loving, and caring, and most importantly unique… So that maybe some board member sitting on a panel at some medical school would connect with his essays and invite him to interview there. 

Each medical school was different. Each had its own list of requirements. Each had its own essays to answer. He applied to 22 places across the country. And at that point I was fully invested in the process, although not necessarily at the time, my process. But I wanted so badly for him to succeed… For us to succeed! 

And then we waited…


Little did I know…

Hein sight is 20/20…

I promise I will get in to some amazing information, stories, and helpful topics.  But for now, I want to start with the first “life together” conversation.

My DH (Dr. Husband), who at the time was just a mere college student came to visit me over the summer. We had met in our respective sophomore and junior year of college. It was fun… He was smart and really the first guy who I could invision having a long term relationship with. 

Sitting by the pool he decided to have the DTR “defining the relationship talk”.  Except this was no usual discussion.  

“I have always wanted to go to medical school” he tells me.

Sounds really great, I thought to myself… My parents are going to be so proud I snagged a Dr.

“Ok… So what’s the process? What can I help with?” I say.

“Here’s the thing… It’s a super long process. It’s going to be really hard and difficult. I don’t really know how good of a boyfriend I will be. I have no clue where I might end up. It’s not going to be easy. But I want you… And if you want to try and make it work, I will do my best” he states.

(Swoon) future Dr. wants to be with me. “Yeah I totally understand and I am committed”.

And here I am. By his side 12 years later and STILL navigating our way through this medical training process. We have stumbled and fallen, made terrible decisions, moved to different cities and states, and met a network of people doing the same thing. No lie… It’s freaking hard!

After many years of navigating this process, I have found that there is a large gap in the system. We train our doctors to be some of the most brilliant people in the world, but fail them and their families with life skills. 

My hope for this blog is to help those who are involved with the medical community. Answering life skill questions, having our own network of families pipe in and tell their own stories. Helping navigate life by the side of a medical professional. Joining a community of individuals that really have limited access to the beneficial and unique information they need.